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What is Membership Management software

Our goal is to streamline administration for membership-based organisations and ensure that management of all member activities, events, finances, and content are stored centrally in order for the organisation to run a little more smoothly...

MP Features 1

Features Blog #1 Introducing our Members Portal Features Blog Series

We are often asked what our most frequently used features are so this new blog series will run through what Members Portal software offers....

Event Registration

Features Blog #2 - Events & Payments

Blog #2 in our new Features Series focuses on Payments & Event Registration. Our bespoke template is ideal for a wide range of events - Live Music, Fundraising, Casino Nights, Club Socials...


Features Blog #3 - Admin Features Available

Blog #3 in our new Features Series introduces the Multiple Admin features available such as easy SMS Top up, customising your member groups, safeguarding features, and much more...

Onboarding Easy

Getting Started with Members Portal

How do we get started? Getting set up with Members Portal is really straightforward and best of all it's free (no onboarding admin fee here!)


Features Blog #4 - Summer Schemes and more

Summer is in FULL SWING (despite what the weather is telling us)! Many summers chemes are already using Members Portal to manage registration simply...

Email marketing

Features Blog #5 - Email Marketing

The return of clubs hasn’t been without its challenges ...many members may also still feel anxious to come back due to Covid19...

Problems of Membership based Orgs

Challenges faced by Membership-based Organisations

Many organisations who use registration for members seem to share similar problems, irrespective of what type of organisation they run...