Welcome to Blog #3 of our Members Portal Features Series !

Hopefully you have been following our Blog Series 

In case you missed Blog #1 or #2 check them out here  

In this blog, we will be telling you a bit more about some of the Multiple Admin Features you can use.

BUT REMEMBER our software is FULLY CUSTOMISABLE to your organisation, so… if there is something you need, run it by us. We love all the boring/monotonous tasks you put off doing and will work with you to find a way to make your life easier.

Help on Every screen
Help on Every Page

All admin areas within Members Portal have quick help guides in case you get stuck (If you are anything like the person writing this blog you may actually need this feature in part of life but let's start just with your organisation!)

SMS Top Up
SMS Top Up

No one needs an extra bill at the end of the month so quickly and easily top up your balance to send SMS to your members.

Organisation Structure

Register different member types and groups (bespoke to your organisation), track payments, report at any level.


Some more features include:

  • Safeguarding elements defined by the club to manage which members have access to areas of Members Portal (useful if organisation has minors)
  • Cheque/Cash Recording
  • Contact Members by email
  • Contact Members by SMS
  • Organise events centrally
  • All data is stored on EU Servers
  • Our software is GDPR compliant

All these features are also supported by Email & Forum Support on all packages –  Telephone support can also be added if required