How Do We Get Started?

Onboarding Easy 3

Getting set up with Members Portal is really straightforward and best of all it’s free (no onboarding admin fee here!)

You can get started quickly by clicking below 👇

If would like some help to get started that’s what we are here for!

Our team can set everything up for you via email or even a Zoom/Teams call!

Q. OK, So what do I need to do? 

 It is as simple as this 👇

  • Chat with us to let us know your organisation structure and decide which payment forms you need.
  • Give our team your current member data to upload to Members Portal.
  • Direct us to your website, logo images etc so we can personalise your emails, and payment forms.
The only thing you need to do is to set up a Stripe account to accept payments (which should take around five minutes). 
Q. What do you guys do then?

Well…pretty much everything else.  We do all the hard work stuff so you don’t need to! When we are finished you will be ready to go.

Some examples of what we do for you are:

  • Setting up annual registration for members with a fully customised payment form
  • Setting up event registration such as social nights or any ticketed events
  • Adding personalised email templates to allow quick and easy messaging with your members

So why not give it a try?  Your organisation could be ready to accept payments in as little as FIVE MINUTES!

Get in touch to see how we could streamline your admin and make running your organisation so much easier