Challenges of Running a Membership-based Organisation

Problems of Membership based Orgs

Many organisations who use registration for members seem to share similar problems, irrespective of what type of organisation they run…

Having enough time to keep on top of your current members while simultaneously trying to attract some new members

Usually you don’t have the time to do both and, in these times, the need to exceed your members expectations is much greater than it ever was pre pandemic. 

That said, it’s really hard to analyse what your current members are up to while onboarding new ones especially if you are using Excel spreadsheets and Word… it’s not just as simple as pressing a button and having it collated and on your screen in minutes.

However, there is no need to spend days/weeks processing paper applications/registrations and sending out emails to members one by one, when our software will streamline your processes and reduce time and money spent on admin.

We can replace and automate many time-consuming administrative processes you may be doing by hand such as:

New member applications;

Event registrations;

Invoice emails and much more.


PROBLEM 2. Your current reporting capabilities may be very limited

Using Excel spreadsheets and word documents can make it challenging to report on your member data. Not to mention, each month you may be spending a far too long gathering information from spreadsheets and other older systems.

With Members Portal you can set up dashboards and reports for quick and easy access to key data at the touch of a button. Additionally, having your data interpreted in a user-friendly way, will allow you to make more informed decisions for your organisation.

Another huge issue with using multiple programmes to manage members is the danger that member records may get lost or duplicated or even corrupted in some way. With Members Portal all your data is stored in-house on a secure and centralised database, so you don’t need to worry about mixing records up.


PROBLEM 3. You may want to identify areas where your organisation could improve 

Not so much of a problem as the first two, but challenging if you don’t use the right tools.  Members Portal allows your members to self-manage their accounts (pay for fees, events, access resources, etc.) online.

You may also want to:

Personalise your communication depending on the type of member;

Publicise your events online through an event page with online registration and payment;

Introduce member-based incentives as a few examples.

An all-in-one experience for your members is something that if you are not already doing you should that you should really consider. It is so important to ensure you are consistently attracting, converting and retaining members and if your current set-up isn’t allowing your organisation to do that, maybe it’s time for a chat…