Client Spotlight Feature #3 – Lisburn Cricket Club

Lisburn Cricket Club

Join us as we chat to Callum Atkinson to find out how using Members Portal has improved membership management for Lisburn Cricket Club.

Established in 1836, Lisburn Cricket Club is the oldest cricket club in Northern Ireland, and the third oldest in Ireland, situated in the centre of Wallace Park, which hosts the Cecil Walker pavilion. 

In addition to the adult teams, the club pays great attention to their youth set-up. The full range of age group teams operate at the club, and young members are welcome to come along and play cricket at the club. 

New members are welcomed to attend sessions or to come along to the Cecil Walker pavilion at any time. You will find a young, vibrant club that has a great social side to it and which presents opportunities for cricketers of all ages and abilities to enjoy and improve their cricket.

Lisburn Cricket Club

Can you tell us a bit more about your club? 

We are a cricket club based in Wallace Park, Lisburn. We currently have 300+ members and provide opportunities for children from five to eighteen, men and women, and pride ourselves on being a social hub for all of our members.

You have been using Members Portal for a few years now, how did you manage membership before that?

Before we started working with Members Portal, all of our membership information and payments were gathered manually which created a lot of work for individuals.


Tell us a bit about your experience of Members Portal

Members Portal has been a game changer for our club and membership. It has allowed us to become more efficient with our time, provide confidence to committee and members, and has also improve our membership and therefore membership subs by becoming more effective and professional.

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